No sugar no salt fluffy perfect bread machine recipe (toddler friendly)

For weeks I had been trawling the internet for recipes with low or no salt/sugar bread recipes that produces lovely light fluffy bread. I happened across a very simple recipe after looking at a baby lead weaning forum.

We have a bread machine (bought for £5 off eBay!) that really simplifies the bread making process even more. It’s a Panasonic, after doing some research these were recommended but I think they all seem fairly similar.

For this recipe I used white flour, I’m going to make a brown this week so will report back if any changes are needed.

410g strong bread flour
5g easy bake yeast
260g water
40g olive oil
20g white wine vinegar (any vinegar will be fine, I actually only had cider vinegar so used that)

Set on a basic (3 hour) bake with a modicum sized loaf and whichever crust setting you desire.

Here’s some key points that may help get the best from your bread machine:

I have found that adding yeast to warm water straight away produced fluffier bread than when I followed the manufacture’s guidelines of keeping the two separate.

Always keep yeast in a fridge or preferably a freezer. This keeps the yeast fresher and therefore more productive.

Weighing liquids is far more accurate. 1 ml of water is equal to 1 gram.






7 thoughts on “No sugar no salt fluffy perfect bread machine recipe (toddler friendly)

  1. I tried this recipe to the letter today.Bread did not rise enough and the after-taste of the vinegar was vile. I would rather have had salt and cant see the purpose of the vinegar. Was expecting to use for lunch but will give whole lot to the birds- maybe they’ll like it.

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