Thea Organics skincare review (mother and baby)


Back from our summer break, ready to get into the autumn. It’s feeling chilly already, so was pleased to receive a cute selection of products from Thea. The selection included the Aloe & Rosehip 2 in 1 Calming Bath & Baby Wash , Cellulite Body Butter and Jojoba & Chamomile 2 in 1 Baby Shampoo.

Bath and baby wash (retails at £8.95 for 200ml):

This delicately fragranced gel wash is great for skin, it also lathers well which doesn’t always happen with all natural ingredients (sulphate/paraben free). Leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed without drying. This has won the Green Parent natural beauty (bronze) award.

I used it as a face wash and it felt luxurious with blended ylang ylang, patchouli, cedarwood, rosewood, chamomile and lavender essential oils (all organic).

2 in 1 Baby shampoo (retails at £8.95 for 200ml):

This again, is lightly fragranced, contains wheat protein, chamomile, lavender rosehip and jojoba seed oil. Elka doesn’t have cradle cap any more so cannot comment whether or not it will ease it. The shampoo left her hair clean and smelling fresh. This has also won a Green Parent award (gold) and I can see why, it’s light and gentle with great cleaning.

Body butter (retails at £24.95):

This for me was the star product. Packed full of butters (shea, cocoa, kokum & mango) and essential oils (neroli, rose, jasmine, geranium, sandalwood, chamomile, fennel, carrot seed, lemon, lavender & frankincense) this lightly whipped, body butter was almost mousse like in texture. Easy to rub in without leaving too much residue/oiliness on the skin. I would have loved this when I was pregnant, not only for the texture but the scent is very mild and fresh (Having HG everything scented made my sickness worse). 

I am really surprised this hasn’t won any awards, this is such a great product. I even used it as a night cream on my face! Love it.


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